Sunday, July 02, 2006

CS Will be Reborn!

A Quick Update on the developments of what I've seen.

CS Collective in Montreal has confirmed that they will be relaunching the site in just a few days. Programmers have just showed up at the Collective, unannounced, after the site crashed. Way to go guys! Geek pride!

I just arrived to Vienna from Krakow. I am staying with Marcus of CouchSurfing-Phoenix, who has been working tirelessly contacting CouchSurfers. A CS Strategy meeting was held today at Marcus' place with about 20 people in and around Vienna showing up at various times in the day. It is about 10pm local time and we still have a few people hanging around and working on tasks to help rebuild. Luckily I have my camcorder so we'll have documented this work.

Progress is moving along both at the top level and at the grass roots. We all feel, here, that CS will be reborn (love the Phoenix==Reborn/Rebirth) even stronger from its ashes.

The European CS Collective will still happen here in Austria. If you can make it, please come!

The agenda will be about how CS can be helped here at the local level. And from my conversations, we are seeing that CS will be more decentralized... so this type of local meeting will be very very important.

I still need to talk to the CS Admins in Montreal, which I will be calling them in just a few moments. See you all soon.


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